Whitby Animal Hospital

3050 Garden Street, Unit 112
Whitby, ON L1R 2G7



About Whitby Animal Hospital in Whitby, ON

Our Practice Philosophy


   Our clinic is designed to provide a friendly atmosphere in a pleasant facility that is well equipped, well staffed and invariably clean.  


Our advice to you will be based on the premise, “What would I do if your pet were mine?” We know of no more honest context in which to advise you about the care of your pet. We encourage preventative medicine, believing that we can minimize unnecessary suffering and expense.


  Our goal is to enable your pet to live a happier, healthier life.  


We only recommend and offer those services that we feel are justified. While most of the services will be performed by our own staff, conditions that require more extensive evaluation or treatment can be referred to a specialist. Veterinary practice is becoming more and more specialized. Therefore we may either bring into our hospital experts in various specialty fields, or refer your pet for specialty treatment. (For example: Radioisotope therapy for hyperthyroid cats).


  The health and safety of your pet is our foremost concern.  


We pride ourselves in providing high quality veterinary care. Medical knowledge is said to be doubling every 18 months, so we are constantly keeping up our education through lectures, educational journals, internet learning, etc. We know medicine and surgery can be complicated and worrying… so there’s no such thing as a silly question! If you have any questions please ask us.



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