Whitby Animal Hospital

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We put an emphasis on preventative medicine with annual wellness exams. A good physical exam and a discussion of any concerns you may have about your pet are the cornerstone of good, proactive, preventative care that can save both you and your pet a lot of suffering (and money). A thorough hands on physical examination from our doctors can tell us a lot of information about what is currently going on with your pet.

For those problems we cannot see directly, diagnostic testing like blood work or urine tests, may be recommended. This gives the doctor a more in depth look into your pet’s internal organs and their current functional status. Running these tests when your pet is healthy gives us a good baseline to reference if your pet becomes ill.

Regular screening for heartworm, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, intestinal parasites, etc, are used to ensure we provide the correct protection from these increasingly common causes of trouble.

Some vaccinations are done yearly, some are done less frequently. We discuss with you the life style of your pet. This varies a lot. Some are only indoors in an apartment, some outdoor. Some go for grooming regularly (and so come into close contact with other peoples pets) and some are travelling south on vacation. Together we chose which vaccines are most important for your pets particular needs in the coming year.

Our clinic offers various different vaccines, so how can you keep them all straight? Click here for more information about all our vaccine programs!